Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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mom vs. crush

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that sad feeling.. :"(

that moment when you hear those tiny noises..

Traydor ka - written by MICAH PACAS

"HEY THERE GUYS! this song is STILL about the guy whom I have written a song entitled THIS GUY (you can check out the song in this link: THIS GUY -written by MICAH PACAS).

when I was a junior at high school, this guy whom i liked since i was a sophomore, eventually BROKE MY FRAGILE HEART by pretending that he likes me because all he wants me to do was to chase him around like i'm some kind of an obsessed person. he says/does all this sweet stuff to me even though he doesn't mean it. and when i found out that he's ALREADY HAVE A GIRLFRIEND (which is my CLASSMATE AND MY CLOSE FRIEND), my world just shattered into a million pieces. and so, emotions overflowed, went out through my eyes, and words just appeared on my mind. hope you'll like it. :)

you can check out my other songs at MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL . :)


Ganyan ka ba talaga?
O sadyang mapagkunwari ka?
Mabuti naman nakaya ng konsensya mo
ang mag sinungaling ng todo.
Kapatid mo ba ang demonyo?
Galing ka ba sa impyerno?
Paano ka napunta dito?
Naghasik ka pa ng gulo,

Sa buhay ko.
Sana namatay ka nalang,
Para di ko na ito naramdaman.

Traydor ka!
Ginawa mo akong tanga.
Pinaniwala mo akong mahal mo,
Pero di na pala.
Traydor ka!
Ginawa mo akong reserba.
Maghintay ka nalang,
Parating na iyong karma.
Traydor ka.

Para kang isang mansanas na iniluwa ko,
Kinain ka naman agad ng babaeng nabiktima mo.
Kawawa naman siya,
Pumatol siya sa iyo,
Di niya alam masama kang tao,
Di niya alam pinanganak kang gago.

Huwag kang o.a diyan,
May "ILOVEYOU" ka pang nalalaman,
ang malas ko naman.

(repeat chorus)


"ok, so this song was dedicated to someone whom I liked since I was a sophomore. (still on the process of forgetting him because HE'S GOT  A FREAKING GIRLFRIEND THAT HE'S BEEN  DATING FOR A YEAR NOW!) I don't seem to know why I liked him so much, i mean, he's kind of an insensitive jerk, but i don't know, it just happened, you know? Too much admiration was flowing so I decided to write him a song. I don't know if he knows that i wrote him a song, but I hope he does, someday. :("

you can hear the song by clicking this link here: this guy - written by MICAH PACAS


He was an ordinary boy,
Who plays guitar, considers cigarette as a toy.
Who doesn't give a fuck about the world,
When he's playing with his cool skateboard.
He wears skinny jeans, a pair of Vans shoes,
and loves rock music but hates blues.
But one thing I know, I'm always stunned,
Whenever he holds his sticks and plays the drum.

But this guy,
Who doesn't even know what's wrong or what's right,
Even though he's the reason why I cry,
He's still the one who brings meaning to my life.
When I'm with him, I can't tell if it's a dream,
Even though it's not what it seems,
He's still the guy i want to spend my life with.

He likes to put scars on his wrist,
And writes "DROP DEAD" on his fist.
And yeah, I almost forgot, he's in a band,
How I wish I was part of it,
But I'm just a fan.
He likes a lot of girls, that pisses me off,
How I wish I could kill them all.
But I know that wouldn't be right,
So i'll just sit here, trying not to cry.

(repeat chorus)