Wednesday, September 18, 2013


"ok, so this song was dedicated to someone whom I liked since I was a sophomore. (still on the process of forgetting him because HE'S GOT  A FREAKING GIRLFRIEND THAT HE'S BEEN  DATING FOR A YEAR NOW!) I don't seem to know why I liked him so much, i mean, he's kind of an insensitive jerk, but i don't know, it just happened, you know? Too much admiration was flowing so I decided to write him a song. I don't know if he knows that i wrote him a song, but I hope he does, someday. :("

you can hear the song by clicking this link here: this guy - written by MICAH PACAS


He was an ordinary boy,
Who plays guitar, considers cigarette as a toy.
Who doesn't give a fuck about the world,
When he's playing with his cool skateboard.
He wears skinny jeans, a pair of Vans shoes,
and loves rock music but hates blues.
But one thing I know, I'm always stunned,
Whenever he holds his sticks and plays the drum.

But this guy,
Who doesn't even know what's wrong or what's right,
Even though he's the reason why I cry,
He's still the one who brings meaning to my life.
When I'm with him, I can't tell if it's a dream,
Even though it's not what it seems,
He's still the guy i want to spend my life with.

He likes to put scars on his wrist,
And writes "DROP DEAD" on his fist.
And yeah, I almost forgot, he's in a band,
How I wish I was part of it,
But I'm just a fan.
He likes a lot of girls, that pisses me off,
How I wish I could kill them all.
But I know that wouldn't be right,
So i'll just sit here, trying not to cry.

(repeat chorus)

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